About Us

About Us

The Stroud Chamber of Trade (or, to use our formal name, Stroud & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce) is an organisation of individuals and companies trading in Stroud town centre and the surrounding district. From sole traders to limited companies, both retail and commercial - we work together.

The organisation exists to lobby various authorities in order to gain a “level playing field” for Stroud businesses and to gain a good trading environment for Stroud and those who visit it.

The work the Chamber does is all done by unpaid volunteers; members that have businesses in the district and are willing to give up some of their time to represent and run the Chamber for its Members. These people are passionate about Stroud and wish to help Stroud full fill its full potential. We believe that a good trading environment is essential for a happy, successful and bustling town!

The Chamber is run by an overall committee, which is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. It comprises of the Elected Officers plus up to 6 elected members. This committee then organises the various sub committees which do the bulk of the Chambers work.

We are open to meeting, talking and collaborating with other Chambers, Business Groups and other organisations with an interest in the District.

We are active members of The Concordat (between the Stroud Chamber of Trade, Stroud Town Council, Stroud District Council and Gloucestershire County Council).

At our heart, we know that making Stroud better for business will make Stroud better for everyone.

To be effective in our work we need your support, your backing, your input and your opinions; making Stroud better for business, together. Please join us today!

Ron Cree
Secretary, Stroud and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce
c/o R and R Books
4 Nelson Street

01453 755788

Stroud Chamber of Trade is the trading name of the Stroud and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce.