Supporting our communities

We're creating and collating a series of resources to help businesses across our district. Find our factsheets and helpful links below. Have we missed something? Please let us know.

Advertising your business

If you wish to publicise your business (and it is within the boundaries of Stroud town centre and open to members of the public to visit), we could share your posts via the InStroud social media channels, which reach thousands every month who are keen to learn more about the diversity of businesses within Stroud town centre. The initiative is designed to improve the perception of the range of businesses on the doorstep of our customers and improve footfall in the town.
Read more here.

Within the Stroud District we also operate the platform which includes a business directory. Learn more here.

Assistance (including Guide) Dogs - understanding the law and how it applies to you

It's important to understand the law regarding Assistance Dogs, including Guide Dogs. Whether you're a taxi driver, a food service outlet or a restaurant, please ensure your knowledge is up to date.
We have found that the Guide Dogs charity offer the best and easiest to understand advice. Read more here.
If you are unsure how to identify if a dog is an Assistance Dog, Assistance Dogs UK have a helpful set of FAQs here that may help you.

Antisocial Behaviour

If you are aware of antisocial behaviour, including groups behaving rowdily and taking over public spaces, graffiti, vandalism, fly-posting, people dumping rubbish, drug dealing, begging, antisocial drinking, misuse of minibikes or misuse of fireworks , this Factsheet may help you get the assistance needed.

Aggressive or Excessive Fundraising

Those who raise funds for Charity have important rules to follow. This Factsheet helps explain the rules and regulations around Street Fundraising, how to raise concerns and to whom your concerns can be raised.

Be Proud of Stroud - The Importance of Reporting Antisocial Behaviour

Launched in Autumn 2018, the Mayor and Stroud Town Council,  supported by Gloucestershire Constabulary. Stroud Chamber of Trade support the campaign and have distributed posters throughout the town. You can download your poster through the link below.

How to report Graffiti and Vandalism

We can fight the things that bring the image of our town down, together. This means ensuring we report instances of graffiti and vandalism and knowing who is responsible for repairing the damage done. This Factsheet, compiled following the Local Policing and Security in Stroud event we hosted, helpful advice on how to best report the crime and who to contact to help them repair the damage.

Let's Hear Stroud - advice on Hearing Loops

Prepared by Stroud Rotary Club, this fact sheet helps you understand you obligations, your options, best practice and how to get your equipment tested.

Helping the homeless

If you are concerned for the welfare of someone who is sleeping on the streets, this Factsheet may help you get them assistance they need.

Setting Up Business in Stroud

If you are considering setting up business in Stroud, this Factsheet will provide you with some valuable contact information and links to get started.

Reporting Damaged or Failed Street Lights

Street lights help keep residents and our businesses safe, so when they are damaged or malfunctioning it is important to get them fixed. Street Lighting is usually the responsibility of the County Council and you can report though this link.

The report is made via a Web Form and (as of December 2018) the cases raised are intended to be passed to the contractors within two working days. They intend to respond within 10 working days.