Making Stroud Better for Business

Welcome to the Stroud Chamber of Trade.

We are an organisation of individuals and companies trading in Stroud town centre and the surrounding district. From sole traders to limited companies, both retail and commercial - we work together.

News Headlines

07 February 2020 | Stroud Fiver Fest registrations exceed 50 with 1 week to go!

Stroud Fiver Fest has the £5 offers registered from 53 businesses as the deadline is reached for applicants to be included in the primary marketing activities. Work on creating the "around our town" and map has now started!
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28 January 2020 | Stroud Fiver Fest registrations reaches 42 with 2 weeks still to go before it launches!

The February Stroud Fiver Fest runs 15th - 29th February 2020 and with 2 weeks still to go before it starts we already have 42 businesses registered to take part. The event, lead sponsored by WSP Solicitors, looks set to be even better than the last.
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27 January 2020 | WSP Solicitors announced as Lead Sponsor for Stroud Fiver Fest February 2020

The 2nd Stroud Fiver Fest has the backing of WSP Solicitors of 3-7 Rowcroft, Stroud - a well-respected business with a strong history in our town and surrounding area.
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04 October 2019 | Stroud Fiver Fest reaches 35 confirmed and registered participants - just in time for the start tomorrow!

With Fiver Fest starting tomorrow we have reached an amazing 35 businesses working together to support Stroud Fiver Fest! We've updated the map to a second edition with all 35 listed. Can you find them all? We'd love you to try!

02 October 2019 | Stroud Fiver Fest reaches 33 confirmed participants! Find them all on our town map!!

Wow! The first Stroud Fiver Fest has 33 participants all around town! You will find our distinctive orange posters in their windows and use our handy map to plan your route to see them all :)

01 October 2019 | Stroud Fiver Fest reaches 25 confirmed participants!

In just two weeks the first Stroud Fiver Fest has already attracted 25 independent businesses in town and more are likely to join in too. To learn more here.

17 September 2019 | The results of our "100 voices" parking survey are published

In June we conducted a survey to better understand the parking patterns and motivations of those who visit Stroud town centre to shop or work. We now know which car parks were identified as the favourites, which were least favourites and what the respondents have to say about the state of our local bus services. To learn more read about our report.

22 May 2019 | Our response to the increase in graffiti in the town

We have long been blighted by graffiti appearing in our town, but this has increased significantly in recent days. In response to this rise, and following an interview with the Stroud News and Journal, read what we have to say (and what we are doing) here.

27 Mar 2019 | Our response to the recent closure another shop in Stroud

Following the sad news that another long-established shop has closed in Stroud, The Citizen asked for our reaction. Read our response here.

01 Mar 2019 | What's your Chamber of Trade been doing for you?

Just three months on from the publishing of our 2018 focus survey, our Committee has been hard at work meeting with authorities, negotiating plans and communicating with both businesses and the public. Read our report here.

21 Feb 2019 | Addressing disproportionate fundraising in Stroud

Our members reported to the Committee that their customers were being aggravated by face-to-face fundraisers in town, who were present in large numbers. The Chamber took swift action to investigate what could be done, to approach some of the fundraiser directly, and formulate a plan for the future that can balance the needs of fundraisers with the needs of those who wish to enjoy Stroud. You can read more here.

20 Feb 2019 | 2019 Events Calendar taking shape

The 2019 events calendar is taking shape, with a visit to the CCTV Control Room having taken place in February 2019 and our first Workshop of the season (Taking your place on the Internet | Tuesday 19th March) open for bookings. Visit our Events page for more details.

16 Jan 2019 | New Stroud-centric Business to Consumer service launched 

The first part of the InStroud initiative launched today, raising awareness of businesses in the town and reducing the need to travel further afield for goods and services that are available locally. Learn more here.

17 Dec 2018 | How will the opening of Aldi in Stroud impact our High Street?

Given the concerns raised at Planning stage, we are asked our opinion on the opening of Aldi last week and how it could impact the High Street in Stroud.
Read our response here.

05 Dec 2018 | What concerns the businesses of Stroud most?

Stroud Chamber of Trade publishes its 2018 Focus Survey.