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Create Engaging Social Media Posts on a Budget

In this workshop we will demonstrate some free-to-use products that can be used to easily create engaging images and video.
We'll also address common challenges and barriers to writing posts and how to overcome them, including "I have nothing to say" and "I don't know what to say about this".
We also welcome attendees sharing their experiences and helping others.

Past Events

Tuesday 30 April 2019   18:00 -19:30
The Imperial Hotel, Station Road, Stroud, GL5 3AP

FREE to businesses and traders only

Local Policing and Security in Stroud

This event, hosted by Stroud Chamber of Trade, focused on measures to improve our safety in Stroud.

Speaker: Steve Lindsay, Stroud Safe Manager

Stroud Safe and Gloucester City Safe is a not-for-profit Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP). The aim of our scheme is to bring together businesses from the day and night-time economies to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by working more effectively through coordination and forging strong partnerships between local businesses, local authority and the police, to create a safe and stable business environment. 

Members of Stroud Safe benefit from reduced levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in or near their premises. 

Membership to City Safe has grown rapidly since its launch and we now have more than 160 members from a variety of businesses in Stroud and Gloucester including shops, pubs, clubs, takeaways and transport services.

Speaker: PC Ian Tucker, Stroud Police
Discussed neighbourhood policing within Stroud Town Centre.

Tuesday 19th March 2019     18:00 - 19:30
Black Book Cafe, 2 Nelson Street, Stroud, GL5 2HL

FREE to businesses and traders

Taking your place on the Internet - embrace it, don't fight it

This event, hosted by Stroud Chamber of Trade, tackled the challenges of selling online and overcoming the obstacles and objections to a better online presence.

There's no single solution for every business, but at this event we presented models that can work for some, and stimulated thought of how you may change your way of attracting business online. It was also an opportunity for others to share their experiences.

  • Common Objections, and how to overcome them
  • Selling Online
  • Using Social Media to sell and get customer engagement
  • Understanding your customer profile
  • It's not just about selling
  • Out-of-hours customer service
  • Sharing your experience

The event was FREE to businesses and traders.

Speaker: Tony Davey MBCS CBA
Chair, Stroud Chamber of Trade
Tony has worked within retail in Stroud for 11 years, in addition to being a Technical Product Manager and Consultant for leading technology companies. His roles include customer and consumer engagement, customer experience, events management and traditional marketing activities.

Who this event was intended for:

  • Those who sell multiples of a product but struggle to find a vehicle to sell online
  • Those who sell unique and individual items (especially in quantity) and struggle to find a viable way to sell online
  • Those who sell (or wish to sell) their service online but are unsure how to do this successfully
  • Those who have a physical business (service or retail) and are considering an online shop, or those who are considering changing their online shop offering
  • Those who wish to raise awareness of their existing business/shop through social media
  • Those who are looking to overcome the common objections and "fears" of social media engagement

This event was not suitable for:

  • Members of the public who do not have an existing physical business presence

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Visit to Tri-Service Centre, CCTV Control Room

Members of the Stroud Chamber of Trade were welcomed to the Gloucestershire Constabulary CCTV Control Room in Quedgeley. 
It was a fascinating visit where the attendees had a demonstration of the use of CCTV across the town and were given a better understanding of the significant coverage the cameras have. The quality and resolution of the images was very good indeed, with Stroud fairing better than some other towns. Work is also underway to install some new cameras that will help further.
We were shown how the operators know how to track persons of interest around the town, are aware of the crime hot spots, and were given an explanation of how the cameras are positioned when not actively under the control of an operator.
We were shown footage from some past incidents and how easy it is to track persons of interest and those who may appear vulnerable. It was also interesting to discover how the cameras could be quickly focused in the event of a call being received within the main call centre. We also better understood how effective the communication between camera operators and personnel on the ground could be.
The Committee and the members in attendance are grateful to Stroud Police for facilitating the visit, and the staff at the CCTV Control Room for their hospitality and willingness to share information and answer our questions.